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Date: Saturday, November 2nd 2013
Time: 9:30 PM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
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Fronted by Geoffrey Omadhebo (Sonny Okosuns, One World), this 15-piece afrobeat orchestra brings it back, straight to 1970ís West Africa. LAGOS ROOTS presents a version of unfiltered, deeply-grooved Nigerian/ WestCoast Afrobeat that follows a direct path to the beginnings of the genre. The band's performances feature a healthy blend of Fela Kuti & Africa 70 classic repertoire with Omadhebo's own politically charged compositions, and in classical afrobeat fashion, the music speaks for itself, offering audiences a sharp reminder of the ability of live music to capture a political and historical message and spin it back to the public in a contemporary and provocatively musical way.

Based in Oakland, California, LAGOS ROOTS has emerged from a long held dream to put together a band of original master musicians with members of a new generation of afrobeat musicians. In addition to Omadhebo (first a drummer, now a vocalist), who began his career in the early 1970's playing drums and recording hits with the bands One World, Sonny Okosuns, Wrinkars Experience and The Nigerian Allstars, LAGOS ROOTS often features other stars of Nigeria's top afro-beat, afro-funk/rock and world-beat bands who now reside in the Bay Area. This famous LAGOS ROOTS cast of musicians includes: Tutu Shorunmu (guitar, Africa 70), Christy Agbe (vocals, Africa 70), Candido Obajimi (percussion, Monomono), Sikiru Adepoju (Mickey Hart, Babatunde Olatunji), Friday Jumbo (congas, Africa 70, Monomono) and Babatunde Williams (trumpet, Africa 70, Manu Dibango). Rounding out the band's section members are a supremely solid group of younger Bay Area musicians, whose talents are of! ten lent to a host of other Bay Area bands, including ChaChing!, Guy Fox, Bulk, Midnight Raid, Mad Noise, Damon & the Heathens, Caught in Motion, Afromassive, The Grease Traps, and the Funk Revival Orchestra.

Representing an important step in the evolution of the style of Nigerian afrobeat once imagined by Fela Kuti & Africa 70, the LAGOS ROOTS AFROBEAT ENSEMBLE brings an extraordinary vision to the stage, complete with horns blasting melodies and backgrounds, driving bass lines and characteristic guitar interplay, authentic vintage keyboards, and a full drum and percussion section that is always grooving. Prepare to dial in on the dance floor and sweat to the beat of the Kalakuta Republic, live with LAGOS ROOTS!



Get ready to get your vertical expressions of horizontal desire revved up and rarin' to go!

When Reggae and Hip-hop meet salsa and cumbia, only the most positive, original, latin party music can be the result. Cha-Ching combines the flavors of the Caribbean and south and north America in ways that will surprise and amaze you, and will surely have you dancing all night long.

Cha Ching! is an up-and-coming latin band from Oakland that features a lot of different flavors and sounds. Founders Genaro (Congas) and Pedro "Uri" Macchiavello (Timbales/Vocals) had the idea of mixing different rythms to create a unique style of Latin music. Then they brought on other talented bay area musicians and formed this amazing group: Bil Hager (Bass) Eli Goldlink (Piano), Tony Owen (Guitar), Chris Heath (Drums), Adriana Marrero (Vocals) and Araceli Leon (Vocals). The band really gets the party going with Salsa, Cumbia, Timba, Hip-Hop, and even Reggaeton! All of them perfectly combined to bring you some really fun, high-evergy beats. With popular songs like "Vago", "Japinas", and "Cobarde", these guys will have you dancing all night long.

$10 advance/ $15 door
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