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Date: Wednesday, December 4th 2013
Time: 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
Category: Gypsy Acid Jazz Rock

Herbert Bail creates musical narratives that are epic tales. Taking the listener on a journey through the dark heart of the American West, emerging with a silver lining of hope and optimism.

With members hailing from all over different parts of the US - Herbert Bail is a collective alter ego comprised of a band of schemers and dreamers who make music together.

Anthony Frattolillo - voice, guitar
Andrew Katz - accordion, vocals, trombone
Colin Waling - keyboard, piano, vocals
Michael Villiers
/ Mike Schadel- drums
Jack Dawson - violin, banjo, guitar
Eugene Owens/ Kurtis Keber - bass
Danny T. Levin - trumpet
Ian Souter - trumpet
Jacob Hasset - viola
Cha Chi - percussion

They are a group of foot-stomping indie-folk bandits with a taste for all things duplicitous and danceable. Think a young Arcade Fire + Gogol Bordello perhaps. They have a knack for enticing anyone in earshot to get down and boogie.
Check out their Latest album’s title track, "Futures in the Past" and one of our favorite track off of their Debut EP, "Bullet".

They have already proven to be true press darlings, being named "Filter Magazine’s Band of the Month" and included in LA Weekly’s: The Best shows to see in LA.

$7 -

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