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Date: Saturday, May 18th 2013
Time: 9:30 PM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
Category: Jazz-Fusion-Rock

"Booty Shakin' Band"
members of McTuff

$10 (adv)-$15 (door)
Skerik's Bandalabra is composed of four Seattle musicians;

Dvonne Lewis-drums
Evan Flory-Barnes-bass
Andy Coe-guitar.

The group's message is rhythm, Fela meets Steve Reich in rock's backyard. Dance and listen.

Skerik, the enduringly saxophonic, punk jazz iconoclast, introduces his latest project Bandalabra.

Joining him are three of his fellow Seattle hometown's most revered players: Andy Coe on electric guitar, Evan Flory-Barnes on upright bass and Dvonne Lewis on drums. In Skerik's words, Bandalabra is intended to conjure the sounds of "Fela Kuti meeting Steve Reich in rock's backyard." A bold assertion, but one for which the music bears witness. Together, the quartet syncopates and snakes, floats free and snaps tight with hypnotic afrobeat rhythms, minimalist canons and improvised harmonics. There's a duality that demands listeners both dance communally and get lost in their daydreams. On their debut album 'Live At The Royal Room,' captured at the band's first ever public performance, the foursome head into the deep unknown, creating music in the moment for over 60 minutes straight. Halfway through the evening, they hit upon the illest of psych grooves, one later dubbed "Beast Crusher." Here the visceral and cerebral become one, the music explodes into the Northwest skies and Skerik's Bandalabra is born into the world a fully realized vision.



This Portland-based trio evolved from a long-time collaboration between keyboardist Galen Clark and drummer Jesse Brooke. After spending the winter of 2005 abroad studying music, Jesse and Galen returned to Portland and teamed up with bassist Bill Athens. The resulting mix of groove-based improvisation, instrumental funk, and rhythm and blues began to develop as the members continued to write and freelance in projects of various genres in the Pacific Northwest and tour on both coasts.

The trio recorded their first album “The Aqueous” in 2007, following it with the acclaimed “Cave Dweller” in 2009. With the latest release of “I’ll Meet You There Tomorrow” in 2012, it has become apparent that their unique brand of jazz is becoming recognized both for listening and for thumping the floor.

"Recorded off the heels of tours on both coasts, this tightly constructed
disc features concise tunes bursting with melodic and rhythmic ideas,
including hip-hop beats, exotic Brazilian rhythms and a flair for catchy
start-stop arrangements...The trio has embraced the sounds that surround
them and crafted a cohesive, expertly sequenced record that should pack
dance floors and demand careful listening."

$10 adv/ $15 door

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