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Date: Thursday, May 2nd 2013
Time: 9:30 PM - 1:30 AM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
Category: Soul funk r&b

(formerly ALMA DESNUDA)


San Francisco’s Naked Soul (formerly Alma Desnuda) blends Folk Rock and Americana styles with a signature California Groove. Thumping upright bass and booming percussion delivered by brothers Tony and Joe Glaser, wailing solos by guitarist Robin Applewood, and heart-expanding melodies by Chris Bryden combine to create an energy that audiences find irresistible and soul-enriching. Touring incessantly since 2009, the band has headlined notable venues like Yoshi’s and The Great American Music Hall, and shared the stage with legends like Carlos Santana, Willie K, and Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band. People of all ages, backgrounds and tastes have shared overwhelming approval for Naked Soul’s high-energy live performances, whether it be an acoustic set in a living room or a concert on the main festival stage. Along with the music, the band’s passion for service and their mission to awaken souls have helped them build a worldwide community of followers (known as “Naked Souldiers”) and led to collaborations with non-profits that support music education in schools.

Voted by the public as “Best Local Band” in 2012 (Diablo Magazine), given the title “Socially Conscious Rockstar” by the Oakland Indie Awards, and awarded “Best Show of 2011” by Slim’s SF, Naked Soul is a gem of the San Francisco Bay Area community. In March 2013, the band shed the Spanish translation of their name, “Alma Desnuda.” They are currently touring the West Coast while working on their third full-length album, the first to be released under the name “Naked Soul”.




Clayton Joseph Scott was born on the Westside of Los Angeles in Venice, California. He began his music career at the age of two when his life long musician father bought him a guitar and the “Born in the USA” vinyl. Clayton set up an American flag and turned a garbage can upside down as a drum proclaiming he wanted to be Bruce Springsteen when he grew up. Since that time Clayton’s musical journey has taken him around the world playing music across Europe, Asia, and the United States.

During a trip to India in 2008 Clayton began writing and performing his own material. When he returned to the United States, indie label Sweet Mercy Records ( based in Ashland Oregon discovered Clayton as he played a show at a wine bar. The label established a working relationship with Clayton developing five of his songs featured on his debut maxi-single “Heavy Rest” released through Sweet Mercy in early 2010. JPR 89.7fm got an early release of heavy rest and began playing “8 Long Years of War.” Music from “Heavy Rest” can be heard on radio stations through out Oregon and Northern California including San Francisco.

An opportunity to work on a motion picture soundtrack in early 2010 with Serafini Films brought Clayton to Los Angeles. The transition back to his native city proved fertile ground for the young singer/songwriter as he began to compose new material and build a fan base in Los Angeles. Clayton’s most recent compositions have earned him fans up and down the west coast playing in various cities and at festivals across California and Oregon. Currently, Clayton is on the road promoting his new record MORE LOVE released June 2012.

$8 adv./ $10 at the door --

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