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Date: Thursday, May 23rd 2013
Time: 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
Category: Classic Covers


Joe Cohen
(sax - Jazz Mafia)
Cedricke Dennis
(gtr - Michael Narada Walden)
Kevin Wong
(keys/piano - Will Magid)
John Mader
(drums - Pee Wee Ellis, Maceo Parker)
Victor Little
(bass - Booker T Jones, Billy Preston, Robert Walter's Brand New Slang)

From James Brown to EWF to John Scofield to Eddie Harris to George Benson to the Beatles to Grant Green we will be doing our version of some classic music done how we do it.
Victor Little has too many influences to mention but none the less with these musicians you won't be disappointed. Joe Cohen on sax will take you on a sax history lesson, John Mader drums from the Brides of Funkenstein to Pee Wee Ellis and then some will show you what it's like on the drums, Kevin Wong on keys multi-talented can play everything from d'Angelo groove's to Jimmy Smith groove's on the B3 and last Cedricke Dennis guitar will take you on ride from Benson to Greg Howe Steve Vai and his own thing which is a mix of old and new, not to be missed trust me.


*Special Guests*

$5 adv/ $8 door

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