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Date: Saturday, May 4th 2013
Time: 9:30 PM
Location: BooM BooM RooM

A Killa Triple Billa of bands destined for funky stardom


Hailing from the outskirts of East Los Angeles, The Voodoo Fix is a floor stomping combination of blues, rock, and funk that is nearly impossible to classify into one genre of music. With a heavy tour schedule that has kept them on the road since 2009, The Voodoo Fix has evolved their musical style, drawing on a range of influences including The Rolling Stones, Funkadelic, John Lee Hooker and so many more.

With shared experiences from a blown up school bus on their first tour, a month of isolation in a remote mountain cabin to record their first album, to sharing the stage with Buddy Guy, Howlin' Rain, and Toubab Krewe on their first East Coast tour, The Voodoo Fix has earned their reputation for being a hard-working rock machine with their nose on the grindstone. The eclectic musicians in the band glue together very different, but dynamic playing styles into one unforgettable experience that takes music back to its roots while expanding the borders of established 'genres' of music.

On lead vocals is Abe Rivers, a blues-drenched soul singer from San Francisco whose sunglasses reflect the awe-stricken faces captivated by the grit in his voice and the growl of his guitar. The band's funky side comes from bassist Captain Willy, known for his hypnotic rubbery grooves and tunes, bare feet and furry faced charm. Balancing the funk with rock is Los Angeles native Scott 'Mr. P.' Parrelli whose guitar style blends tones and techniques from Keith Richards, Lou Reed, and John Frusciante into one sound that has become signature to the band's style. Holding down the rhythm, is a sometimes rotating cast of pocket drummers, led by Watts native and gospel-bred, multi-instrumentalist and studio drummer, Demario Dunn as well as New York native Jeremy 'Deitz' on Beatz, who drove the band on their year long 2011/12 tour.


Four gentlemen. One lady. They play. She sings. Together they are The Tropics, a band started by a Craigslist ad and fueled by an endless supply of peanut M&M's and red wine. Influenced by a wide variety of different genres, each member brings a different musical style and vision to the group which together give The Tropics their unique sound.


The Heavy Guilt is as much Americana as it is avant garde garage, as much folk blues as it is psychedelic indie stomp. It is six focused musicians, from varying backgrounds, translating their influences into a common language beneath the dim crimson lights of the stage. It is a sweaty driving catharsis, a train of thought bulldozing cross the tracks of rural America, it is a roadmap through the emotive wilderness, it is a collage put together by time worn hands, it is the sound and rhythm of a saturated city, it is the direction you take after last call. The Heavy Guilt is rock n roll.

Born two years ago, the Guilt has progressed since their debut, Lift Us Up from This. The first album is a document of the band member's initial meeting, having subtle conversations through sound, getting acquainted through song. The second album, In the Blood, captures two years of performing together. Not so much a handshake introduction, but a kick to the sternum.

$10 adv. --$15 (door)

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