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Caldecott, Major Powers & the LoFi Symphony+HiLoLa
Date: Friday, July 6th 2012
Time: 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
Category: ROCK

Get ready for two things that go great on a Friday night: drinking and dancing. Both of these will be plentiful when Caldecott, Major Powers & the Low-Fi Symphony, and Hi Lo Ha turn up the guitars and share the stage. Great music, good dirty fun, and of course lots of pretty ladies.

Caldecott is an organically grown rock band of working men, creating music based on experiences in the Bay Area and beyond. The group takes any opportunity to build beautiful melodies and foot-stomping rhythms for everyone that understands passionate music and good times.

MAJOR POWERS & the LO-FI SYMPHONY...Nicholas Jarvis Powers, self-taught pianist and songwriter, has been rolling around in the gutters of Contra Costa County since he was a little kid. Dylan and Kevin Gautschi are French brothers and are the sons of Pamela Wood, bass player for Bay Area rock legends Leila & The Snakes. Major Powers & The Lo-Fi Symphony play Adventure Rockô.

Hi Lo Ha...
San Francisco based three-piece drawing influences from Wilco, Grandaddy, and Built to Spill:

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