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Date: Sunday, September 1st 2013
Time: 9:30 PM - 2:00 AM
Location: BooM BooM RooM
Category: Ass-Shakin' Groundbreakin' Funky Stuff

* 1st Tuesday Of Every Month *

A full night of kick-ass up-and-coming acts featuring:


The JRo Project is a family of musicians that prides itself in its ability to move hearts and minds. The ingredients of a night with The JRo Project include body moving grooves, conscientious lyrics, and a performance from our hearts to yours.

In 2011, JRo gave birth to the The JRo Project, recording the debut album "New Skin" with amazing musicians in Boston, Massachusetts. In September 2011, JRo moved to San Francisco , California and joined forces with Pete Ruecktenewald, Colby Jones, Jesse Levit, Ben Hicks, and Cory Aboud to continue the adventure and add a new set of ingredients to the pot. With an ever-exploring sound, rooted in neo-soul, funk, rock,

The JRo Project will continue to explore the possibilities of expressing the many emotions and views of the spectrum of love. From a worldly view to a more personal take on the topic, there may be a song just for you.


Formed in 2012 by former members of Oola Rocksteady, Gigantis is a genera bending group from the San Francisco East Bay. Although this group was originally formed in 2008 under another name, the bands drive to create a musical melting pot embracing their diverse backgrounds, spawned the desire to conjure up Gigantis. Staying true to the knee dropping grooves that initially gained them much love and attention, Gigantis is raising the bar by adding elements of blues, metal and even swing to their groundbreaking sounds. Wed like to thank our families, friends and fans for the continued support as well as welcome our new fans to experience the journey of Gigantis.
$5 adv/$8 door

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