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NEW ORLEANS' JUICE (+ Funky Guests...)
Date: Friday, September 17th 2010
Time: 9:30 PM - 2:30 AM
Location: BooM BooM RooM

It's FUNKY New Orleans meets FUNKY San Francisco!
A New Orleans Super Funk Show at the BBR!
*SURPRISE guests*


Dave Jordan
(Bass, Lead and Background Vocals)
Jamie Galloway
(Harmonica, Lead and Background Vocals)
Aron Lambert
(Drums, Vocals)
Sam Hotchkiss
(Guitar, Vocals)
Michael Burkhart
(Keyboards, Vocals)

For over 12 years, Juice has lived, preached and spread the musical traditions of New Orleans to all corners of the U.S. Combining elements of New Orleans funk and R&B, second line, blues and rock, Juice has performed over 1100 shows nationwide, gaining a reputation for their musical dexterity and all night jams. They've been compared to their musical influences- the Meters, Dr. John, Little Feat- and esteemed New Orleans contemporaries such as the Radiators and Galactic.

Long established in their hometown, they've been the house band at world famous Tipitina's, performed at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and French Quarter Fest, been named "Best Emerging Funk Band" by the esteemed offBeat magazine, nominated for "Best Roots Rock Band" and "Best Roots Rock Album", and dubbed "the personification of the New Orleans ethos" by Where Y'at magazine. From international festivals like San Francisco's North Beach Jazz Fest to all night dives like the Banks St. Bar, Juice has done it. They are the 24/7, 365 musicians who keep New Orleans funkin and rockin year round. This is Juice. A constant evolution. Rock and Roll steeped in New Orleans funk.

*going 'til 2:30am+*

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